Our Story

Hani Mokhta is a designer fashion house founded by two sisters – Farah Hani and Tati Hani. The duo, with years of experience in the fashion industry dating back to their tender teenage days, is now focused on creating unique, inspiring styles for the modern-day woman.

Farah Hani graduated in Fashion Design & Technology and has worked with the likes of Alia Bastamam and Mimpikita, as well as Hawthorne & Heaney in London. As Founder & Creative Director of Hani Mokhta, Farah’s attention to detail and skillful touch brings to life the everyday women’s clothing dreams – adding that little extra to the seemingly ordinary with her design visions and passion for fashion.

Tati Hani graduated from Raffles Design Institute in Fashion Marketing and went on to work with fashion powerhouse, Louis Vuitton before her 6-year stint with homegrown local brand, Mimpikita. As Co-Founder & Branding Director, Tati’s finesse for conceptualizing ideas to visualizing brand identity and direction cements Hani Mokhta’s presence as an up and coming fashion force to be reckoned with.    

For the sisters, Hani Mokhta is all about establishing their name in the industry as the fashion house and brand with a woman-centered design aesthetic.

Our Vision

We celebrate individuality. Our clothing is modern, inspiring and sophisticated without compromising on the essence that makes each creation truly special – the wearer.

We want our clients to feel fabulously confident in our creations. At Hani Mokhta, we’re all about the pieces you’ll truly treasure. We aim to only make what is truly needed and proudly offer a bespoke service that can be tailored to your needs.